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Metered Pyrethrin Aerosol for Killing Flies

Metered aerosols that contain natural pyrethrins are used in certain indoor areas to control flies, gnats and flying insects.  A metered aerosol is one that contains a certain number of applications.  With most aerosols, the mist or spray is dispensed as long as the actuator or spray button is pressed.  When the actuator of a metered aerosol is pressed, only one burst of spray is dispersed from the aerosol can.  To spray more than once you must release the actuator and press it again.  It is in this manner that the amount of aerosol sprayed is metered or measured.
Metered aerosols are designed to be used in metered aerosol dispensers (also known as Fly Machines by pest control services) which automatically dispense materials on regular timed basis.  Original machines were made to spray once about every half hour.  Aerosol cans last about 1 month at this rate.
Advanced technology has allowed the development of dispensers which allow more flexible uses.  Timers allow for sprays as often as every 5 minutes and up to 30 minutes.  Photocells now allow aerosols to be sprayed in a dark room, lighted room or both.  These photocells give the owner the choice of spraying only when lights are turned on, only when it is dark or fully functional 24 hours each day.  This option saves product and money.
Metered aerosols can contain insect spray or air deodorizers.  The most popular aerosol dispensers are battery powered.  Some models of dispensers have a small indicator light that shows the strength of the battery.  Other light features also let you know when it is time to replace empty cans.  This is possible because the majority of the cans hold exactly 3,000 squirts or sprays.

There have been various sizes of aerosols made in this manner over the years but the standard used the majority of the time is a can that contains about 6 ounces of product.  This particular size contains 3,000 sprays per can.

Insect Spray for Fly Control

Purge III is a good example of metered pyrethrin aerosols.  The active ingredients (Pyrethrins and a synergist)  are higher than most hand-held fly sprays.  Many hand-held over-the-counter fly sprays contain no more than 0.125% natural pyrethrins.  Professional hand-held fly sprays usually contain 0.50% natural pyrethrins.  Purge III  contains 0.97% natural pyrethrins.  As you can see, the amount of pyrethrins contained in Purge makes a powerful tool for use in areas where fruit flies, gnats and the common house fly or mosquitoes are an indoor problem.

When used as directed in an aerosol dispenser, each can of fly spray can cover up to 5,000 cubic feet of space with each dispensed spray.  The aerosols are designed to produce very tiny droplets of material that are light weight.  This lightness allows the droplets to "float" about the area instead of merely falling to the floor as would a large drop of water.  As these particles float about the room, insects flying in the area are killed.  It is in this manner that certain areas of businesses or homes are kept free of flies, gnats and other indoor flying pests.
The tiny droplets are large enough to kill flies but not large enough to pose threats to humans or pets when used as directed.  Most metered pyrethrin aerosols are labeled for use in areas where food is served, as long as they are placed a certain distance away from tables in dining areas.  Each brand of fly spray might contain varying amounts of pyrethrins; read and follow the labeled instructions for safe and effective use.
When flying insects are not present the aerosol dispensers can either be turned off or the pyrethrin aerosols can be replaced with scented air fresheners or deodorizers.  Modern dispensers should be powered by good, alkaline batteries due to the additional features of the machines.  Cheap batteries should not be used as they usually do not allow the dispensers to work at full capacity.  Cheaper batteries must also be replaced on a more frequent basis.  For best overall results, choose an alkaline battery for your aerosol dispenser.

Purge III - Pyrethrin aerosol that contain 3,000 metered sprays.  Can be purchased individually or in case of 12 cans.

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